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Outside the realm of conventional medicine today, which I must add is a
paradigm that is only a couple of centuries old, there is so much
information, knowledge, evidence and traditional wisdom that cancer
can not only be prevented, but also beaten by milder, more effective,
and much safer protocols.

Some of these are natural, while they are also often referred to as
"alternative"; this is because they are outside the definition
or acceptance of standard science,
and in no way suggests their inferiority.
To learn more, visit Cancer Research Information.


In the modern world today, we eat and drink rubbish; ingest, inhale and absorb all
sorts of toxic chemicals; lead stressful lives; and fail to be in harmony with Nature
and her laws. And when we fall ill, we turn to more chemicals - pharmaceutical
drugs, and invasive procedures to "cure" us.

But while on the journey, there is only one way to true health and healing from
diseases, and that is adherence to Nature's laws. Only through proper food and
nutrition; clean bodies and living environments; regular exercise and physical
activity; proper rest and exposure to sunshine and fresh air; and the use of
Nature's Medicine, for example herbs, can we really attain good health… naturally.

To learn more, visit Insights on Health or All 4 Natural Health,
or read natural health news & research at All 4 Natural Health News.


There are nutrients, there are essential nutrients,
and there are super nutrients. Omega 3 fatty acids,
a class of essential fatty acids,
are absolutely vital for good health,
and play a role in countless functions
in the human body.
To learn more, visit All on Omega 3.

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